• Foamer 15 (100ml)
Foamer 15 (100ml)

Foamer 15 (100ml)


Removes dead cells from the skin surface, makes it smooth and silky. Stimulates cell regeneration. Contains coconut oil and vegetable glycerin, protects the skin from drying out, has anti-inflammatory effect. Contains inoxolone, which has anti-inflammatory effect, softens the skin.


Prepared for cosmetic procedures, the skin becomes soft, silky and radiant, the pores are narrowed.



Apply a small amount of foam, massage then rinse with water after 2 minutes or as soon as you start to feel a tingling sensation.


Expert, gentle double-action formula. Glycolic acid removes impurities, and permeates the hydroscopic film, while the enoxolone soothes the skin.

  • Glycolic acid
    One of the alpha hydroxy acids (often called “fruit acids”), this very small molecule easily penetrates the skin and its acidic pH accelerates exfoliation by destroying the links that bind dead cells together.
  • Enoxolone
    Renowned for its soothing and calming properties, enoxolone is an anti-inflammatory agent extracted from liquorice root.